Rabbit Hole: Spilling Beans

Rabbit Hole was back this week, and the action was a little easier to keep track of this time out. One of the challenges with the show is that its often more complicated than it needs to be for it’s own good.

They went straight up Mission Impossible this time, and it made for a pretty decent time.

And I’m talking about the plan to break into a highly guarded security facility to get some dirt on Senator Nora Evers, who’s been in the pocket of the bad guys, and could flip sides if John could get whatever dirt they had on her.

So, we had John and some of her people infiltrate the building. Some great set design here. The whole ep looked pretty sharp really. They went with the white/red light for the security systems whenever they were tripped. We had a little bit of suspense but John ultimately got what he needed with some help from Hailey.

After a predictable betrayal that John saw coming, he had the Senator under his thumb just to watch her get assassinated, and her dangerous data legislation fast tracked. While it was entertaining, the whole episode was almost moot until some last minute developments.

We saw Kyle kill his girlfriend and reveal his real accent. I’m looking forward to a final showdown with this little *bleep*. He’s got to go.

And we learned that Valance might indeed be alive. It will be interesting to see how they pulled that off considering we saw him go splat with no cuts.

So, here we are. We’re confused but we’re not bored. I guess that’s what Rabbit Hole is going for. Next week should be a doozy.

See you then.

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