July 24, 2024

Succession: Mike Tyson and Compression Socks

Another great episode of the best show on television in its final run. “Succession” gave us Roman and Kendall (mostly Roman) finally standing up to Mattson, as they consider keeping the company and running it their way. That’s more likely going to be easier said than done.

But FTR is a Shiv blog, and we were happy to see her regain some power, even if it did fly in the face of her brothers. They had it coming.

And yes, you heard her right. She quoted Mike Tyson before the group headed out to Norway.

“Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Mouth” which is true both in boxing and last night, when Mattson verbally punched the guys in the face, and they decided to tank the deal while defending their dad’s honor.

Alex Skarsgard fans should be happy, it looks like he’ll be back next week and will be the big bad until the sibs eventually turn on each other again.

Next, I want to talk about compression socks. And why we saw Karl and Frank put them on the plane when Tom walked in on them.

It was a callback to the death of Logan Roy, when they mentioned that he didn’t want to wear them on the plane because he wanted to look good for Kerry. He would suffer an embolism a short time later in the bathroom, and you know the rest.

Finally, a much deserved shout out to Kendall for playing “Takeover” by Jay-Z to kick things off. An appropriate song to kick off an epic episode.

I’ll see you next week!

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