WWE: If you don’t beat Roman Reigns, you’re not a World Champion

Last night, on Monday Night RAW, in an attempt to shake up a world title picture that has somehow managed to be both stagnant and satisfactory at the same time, Triple H introduced the World Heavyweight Championship. A new title that will be awarded at Night of Champions next month.

It’s okay. The belt looks fine.

But is it really a world title if you don’t beat the man who has held the established world title for almost a 1000 days? It’s not.

And you know I’m talking about Roman Reigns. We thought he was going to drop the title to Cody at Wrestlemania. And there have been other times where we thought that he may drop it and take a vacation. What else is there left for him to really do?

The problem is that this new belt feels like a secondary title. It feels almost like the ECW belt back during The Invasion. Its going to be an afterthought.

I’m trying to be curious instead of judgmental. What are we trying to accomplish here? Are we going to have three top tier titles? That is too much.

Are we afraid to have Roman lose? If we’re not going to use those fireworks at Wrestlemania, then when? That might be the crux of the problem there. Perhaps we’re worried that the title in anyone else’s hands will be less relevant. And that might be accurate.

We just can’t be so sure that another world title is the answer. We need more well established superstars not more belts.

Let’s see where the journey takes us.

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