July 25, 2024

Saint X: This Dollar Tree “White Lotus” is best avoided

Saint X, the latest murder mystery suspense thriller arrives on Hulu this week with a thud, becoming the loudest and most recent reminder that we need more original material on our streaming services, as the rising cost of subpar material becomes simply unacceptable.

And with Saint X, the truth is that it feels like a generic version of “The White Lotus” that you may have found on video store shelves in the 90s.

We meet Claire, a young woman who was traumatized by the death of her sister, Alison, earlier in her life while on vacation at Indigo Bay. The death was ruled an accident but she suspects there may be something more and hasn’t let it go. We jump back and forth between present day and flashbacks trying to put the puzzle pieces together.

The truth is that this puzzle isn’t worth finishing and the final pieced together image may not even be that exciting.

There are serious “White Lotus” vibes here. Especially during the meals and activities in the resort as the guests get to know each other. And while there are very little likable characters on both shows, at least with ‘Lotus’ the roles are more interesting. Here, Claire is always so rattled that she gives us nothing to hold on to and everyone else is unforgettable.

If you forced me to say one good thing about Saint X, its that some of the shots of the communities outside of the resort on Indigo Bay are well done.

Other than that, this is a screaming indictment of our quantity over quality philosophy of content generation. The first really bad TV experience of the year.

Avoid it.

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