July 15, 2024

Gotham Knights: It feels like Harvey could be leading the Court of Owls

We got a new episode of Duela Nights, Gotham Knights this week and there are a few interesting theories we have to address as the show picks up a nice jog in its freshman year.

It sure feels like Harvey Dent could be a part of or even leading the Court of Owls. Why else would The Talon let him live? We all know that Harvey eventually becomes Two Face with the coin flips and all, its not a theory that would be that far fetched. Either way, Misha Collins is continuing his excellent work.

We also had the Gotham Knights go into battle without their two toughest members. Carrie, who’s been a good Robin so far, was stuck in the ER with her mom. And Duela, probably the smartest person on the show, looked at the odds of attacking a group of drug dealers and said “nah”, leaving the team right before the rumble.

If you think it doesn’t make sense for the show to bench two of its more dynamic characters, you’d be right. But you would also be right if you think it does. Let me explain.

The truth is that besides Harvey, Duela, and Carrie, the rest of this cast needs a boost. Their acting is fine, and the characters are slowly growing on me but the show slips a gear when they’re alone. That fight against the drug gang was entertaining because there was some uncertainty there, and because they were “passing the ball around”. That’s how strong casts get built.

Solid episode. See you next time!

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