Will Trent: The return of MPG, some excellent flashbacks, and a heartbreaking twist

So much good stuff on Will Trent this week. Let’s not waste anytime.

The flashbacks to the 80s with Amanda and Evelyn were very, very, well done. Many times flashbacks are abused and rushed with the results ultimately going nowhere. But the acting and the aesthetic of the entirety of the sequences brought us closer to the story taking place in presence day. I wouldn’t mind watching a complete episode featuring the two next season.

And let’s talk about the tie-in from the flashbacks, leading to a heartbreaking twist.

Will walking into his apartment after the killer had broken in, and discovering the photo of his dead mom as one of the victims was jarring. Keep in mind that we’re nearing the end of the first season and the writers managed to stand all of this up in one single episode. I was invested from the jump and I’m sad and angry for Will. After the Angie arc, there has been no letdown. This show harnesses anger like no other.

And we haven’t even talked about the return of Mark Paul Gosselaar’s Campano. One of the reasons ‘Trent’ got off to such a fast start. He came in. Got us hooked. Made us laugh. And left. Let him do that as much as he wants. Still hoping for a Jennifer Morrison return, despite the divorce.

What else do we want enjoy? The compatibility of the Faith and Ormewood pod (great casts can work in any configuration). The hilarious “PP Percy” escape attempt. “Seatbelts?! Really?!”.

The show is firing on all cylinders right now. ABC’s best new show.

I will be seated for the next ep. Loving this journey.

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