Night Court: Great to see Melissa Villasenor, and let’s root for a break up

We finally got a new Night Court this week, and the show enlisted the help of one of my favorite recent Saturday Night Live alumnists, while teasing a break up that I’m pretty sure we all want to see.

Melissa Villasenor played Gabby, Neil’s high school love interest, who was recruited to diffuse Neil’s crush for Judge Abby. The two were actually quite alike, and this worked in the show’s favor with both Villasenor and Melissa Rauch being able to bounce their likability off of each other. Abby would eventually be able to talk Neil into moving on from her, and he ended up having a positive date with Gabby.

Let’s hope they bring back Villasenor again soon. Night Court has done a great job with guest stars this season.

The show ended with Abby questioning her relationship with Rand, shortly before he wound up on the sidewalk outside of the courthouse playing “Drops of Jupiter” by Train on a bluetooth speaker.

If we’re being honest, I wouldn’t mind seeing Abby break up her engagement with Rand and dating around next season. Its good to see Pete Holmes from time to time, but he could still make the occasional appearance regardless.

Some other notes…

The cold open was solid. Its all about visuals with these defendants and the gender reveal gone wrong along with “Long Island Iced Tina” was one of the better starts of the year.

That being said, the humor still dragged. Next year, they might want to go a little more edgier. Classic Night Court wasn’t afraid to make the occasional adult themed joke.

I’ll see you next time!

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