Bel Air: Phil and Carlton cement the most important father, son combo on TV

Adrian Holmes. Olly Sholotan. You guys made the second season of Bel Air.

Indeed, we’ve already reached the end of season 2 for what started out as a trendy viral concept, and is now one of the best shows on Peacock. The feel of the finale felt like it could have also have served as a series finale if they hadn’t already gotten picked up for a third campaign just a couple weeks after this year started.

We got Will going on the charm offensive. He won back the Bel Air Basketball team. He ushered Doc and Zenith into legitimacy with Phil and Geoffrey’s help. And he rekindled his relationship with Lisa. Aunt Viv got the torch passed. Ashley found someone to connect to. And Hilary (whether you like it or not) made the right choice in going with LaMarcus. I could have given you 1000 words on any of those things.

And let me float this. Geoffrey…spin off…prequel.

But the finale belonged to Phil and his son, Carlton. Indeed Carlton won the Founder’s Award only to break down behind the podium and confess his drug use. Phil was understandably furious and in a rare lapse in poise, brought up his own sacrifices in delivering prosperity for his family. And now the two will have to rebuild. I’m happy that showrunners started that process with that powerful hug in the bedroom. No one else on TV is doing what those two are doing right now.

Phil might have hit a breaking point in meeting with Erica though. They couldn’t make this ending too perfect.

And it looks like Season 3 will take place in the “Summertime” with the classic song taking us out to the break. The video premiere of the original track debuted on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”.

A summer vacation in Bel Air gives us a lot to look forward to. Ill see you next season!

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