The Big Door Prize: “Friends with bennies”

The episode many of us were waiting for, the ‘Giorgio centric’ installment of The Big Door Prize landed this week, and the peek into the life of the egotistical but sensitive restaurant owner did not disappoint.

We learned that he’s been hooking up with Hana and that the two were possibly “Friends with bennies”, which would irk Father Reuben later in the episode. But we couldn’t dwell long because it was time for Cass’ Potential fundraiser/gala.

The event was held at Giorgio’s of course, and he did indeed make it about himself by hijacking the presentation video. He would make amends by later turning his restaurant into a garage sale to convince people to donate but all of this was just to get on Cass’ good side. He went in for a kiss but Trina the Gondolier turned on the lights before her mom made a big mistake.

Where was Dusty? Excellent question. He was sent on an errand by Giorgio with Xander aka “Gum” to get some ice from the store that didn’t exist, just to be alone with his wife. But the two along with Jacob would make the best of it by smoking weed. Coincidentally Gum was Jacob’s dealer and it all worked out.

Cass would end up rejecting both her husband and Giorgio at the end of the episode. But all the while, her mom Izzy, would finally be fed up with the Morpho machine and was preparing to destroy it before being stopped by Jacob, setting up her episode next week.

Some other notes…

Did you notice “Gum” eating all of the gum?

Both ‘Door’ and “Not Dead Yet” cited Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow this week. That’s not good.

Also, Trina made herself a fake Morpho card. That could get abusive. Couldn’t it?

I’ll see you next week for the “Izzy-centric” episode.

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