Not Dead Yet: “Moana is not welcomed here”

Not Dead Yet has been a peculiar one this season. While almost all of the episodes have been enjoyable, with a few being really funny, there are times when this romantic comedy series also hits the emotional tones just right too.

But first we have to talk about Scout the dog. Bless you, showrunners, for giving us me a dog episode in the first season.

The German Shepherd was adorable, smart, and funny. If I were Nell, I would have never finished that obituary. That dog would be with me forever. Jane Marvel has finally been dethroned as my favorite ghost. Please include another animal episode next season.

Let’s talk about Nell and James. This one was tricky because a Nell fling at first felt kind of like she was healing. But when James started catching feelings, Nell slammed on the brakes.

Mental health is something that I believe ‘Dead’ pings on a regular basis. The theory that Nell sees these dead people because she’s experiencing trauma is still a valid one. It will be interesting how often the show brings this up in the future.

The Sam side story was fun. You know Hannah Simone doesn’t miss with me. Neither does Lauren Ash with Lexi.

I actually did TV for ten years in the Orlando market. Dennis this week? That was ‘year one’ me completely.

We’re roaring down to the end of season one. The streets say that this show will be renewed and that’s fine by me. And I hope they keep it next to Abbott Elementary next year as well. They’re a great one, two punch and I missed the lead in this week. Also, both this show and “The Big Door Prize” cited “Sliding Doors” by Gwyneth Paltrow. Got to avoid those.

See you next time.

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