July 24, 2024

Ted Lasso: Nate redemption arc most impressive feat writers have accomplished this season

Well, I guess we like Nate again.

That appears to be the flow I’m gathering from this week’s Ted Lasso, where Benedict Nate, who leaked Ted’s mental health problems, tore up the “Believe” sign, and talked trash about his mentor in the media, before promptly beating the team that was responsible for his meteoric rise.

That Nate. Nate the traitor. As you can tell, I haven’t forgiven him, but many others in following Ted’s example have, and I’ve said it before, West Ham will probably win it all. The last shot of the series is Ted holding his son, who is wearing West Ham gear cheering Nate on. Even Beard is smirking approvingly.

The show is rewarding bad behavior but no one really cares. Even my dislike for Nate isn’t a hill I’m prepared to die in reducing the joy this show gives me week in and week out.

Let’s talk about “Don’t fight back. Fight Forward”. It was beautiful but I can’t get behind that.

Just because that’s not how the world works.

Bless the Sam storyline this week. I was moved to see the team in Ola’s rebuilding it after it was destroyed by political radicals. And also moved watching Sam’s father, full of love and friendliness walk on to the scene and teach his son a lesson of mercy. That was great television.

But if you act that way in any other realm outside of Apple TV, you will get hammered. It will not turn out well and the bad guys will metaphorically trash your restaurant every chance they get.

Wonderful ep though. Can’t wait until next week.

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