Drops of God: Most first guesses on exams are indeed the right answers

For the second straight week, “Drops of God” ended with me wanting more. We had the first wine tasting duel for the $148 million dollar fortune, and we learned that this contest might be more lopsided than we think.

Oh, we do love Camille, and I’m sure many of you out there are rooting for her. But does she actually deserve to win?

This week, she had to go through what felt like something out of a spy movie to figure out a wine she believed was the answer to the first duel. Her team (yeah, that’s a team) had to manipulate a wealthy patron into opening a wine that was worth more than some of our cars, only to figure out that it wasn’t even the wine she was looking for. Her team set her on the right track by concentrating on oxidation heading into the duel.

Meanwhile, it looks like Tomine knew the wine from the moment he tasted it. We didn’t see him study at all.

We did realize that most of his family is deadset against him becoming extremely wealthy for the sake of keeping Grandpa happy. His mom might be the nastiest “Mommy Dearest” we’ve had on our televisions in some time. It looked like poor dad was going to walk into the ocean before the credits appeared, never to return. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Camille had the right wine but crossed out the correct vintage. I guess it really is true what they say about guesses on exams. The first one is usually correct.

We have to guess that Tomine’s biggest obstacle will be his family. He respects Camille. We see that in the trailer, but she’s no match for him at this very moment of the series.

And another wonderful nod to memory palaces. I’ll write that post soon. I promise.

See you next week. I can’t wait.

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