Secret Invasion: Blame Captain Marvel for the Skrulls turning on us

No, no, no. This isn’t that kind of post. Brie Larson is an Oscar winning actor with a solid catalog of work. Today, we’re going to separate the person from the character and we should be doing that everyday.

But we do have to talk about Captain Marvel. Specifically, her actions which have lead to the events of Secret Invasion.

If you’ve seen Captain Marvel, you understand that she’s dealing with Skrulls for a large part of the film before she uncovers the real conspiracy and works with them to eliminate the Kree threat.

She then leaves Earth to find a new planet for the Skrulls.

And yeah, that never happens.

We also get the snap. Half the universe gone. Danvers shows up. Leaves again. Comes back again. Leaves again. She keeps abandoning us, right along with Monica Rambeau and her mom who dies of cancer.

Now, the Skrulls are sick of waiting and ready to take over Earth with only a geriatric Nick Fury and that lady who plays the queen a lot to stop them (just kidding Olivia Colman is another Oscar winner and another one of the best doing it).

The truth is that Secret Invasion would be a single episode if Carol Danvers just came back to check on us everyone once in a while. A lot of problems would.

But the strongest Avenger is never around when we need her.

Let’s see what happens. Maybe Nick Fury can work this out by himself.

And we’ve got the Marvels coming up. Hopefully, they can finally give us a real reason why this lady is never around.

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