The Bear: “Honeydew” continues the TV love affair with the North Sea region

As I continue working my way through The Bear (and the forced binge watching from Hulu) I particularly enjoyed episode 4 “Honeydew” which happened to take place in Copenhagen.

There is a lot of good, recent television taking place in the North Sea region, specifically Denmark and The Netherlands.

And in all of the episodes I’m about to cite, characters find out something new about themselves.


We’ll start with Honeydew as Marcus travels to Copenhagen, stays on a boat, and learns dessert making from a more experienced chef (played by Will Poulter aka Adam Warlock from Guardians of the Galaxy). Not only does he improve his own skills but he also saves an injured man from under a fence. There is some character growth satisfaction when the credits began to pop.

And let’s stay with FX and go with the perpetually underappreciated Atlanta, which held its whole third season in Europe. “New Jazz” takes a darker approach as Alfred consumes a space cake, kicking off one of the trippier sequences of the show, that somehow gives us Liam Neeson in Club Cancelled. But the episode holds a deeper meaning and deserves a watch if you haven’t seen it already.

Finally, we’ve got the final season of Ted Lasso where the team travels to Amsterdam and Ted goes on something of a trip of his own in discovering a new style of football. Like Atlanta, Beard finds himself right at home in the recreational drug friendly region similar to Darius in Atlanta. The biggest arc was perhaps Rebecca’s who after meeting a mysterious man on his house boat, find an escape from her depression and goes on the biggest run of heroics leading all the way to the finale (story HERE).


I can’t recommend all three episodes enough. The region has been such a great canvas for storytelling and it would be fine with me if that trend continued.

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