The Bear: “Forks” is Top Gun for thankless service jobs waiting tables

You haven’t worked if you’ve never had a service job. Even I’ve had jobs waiting tables and tending bar and let me tell you, that the tough days are especially hard given how demanding customers can be.

We know being a chef can be cool. This show, along with plenty of other programs and reality reliables do plenty to make us admire the people preparing the food.

But the “Forks” episode of “The Bear” is so good that it may actually inspire some people to get into service and could revive the way longtime service workers may feel about what they’re doing.

We see Richie, who’s had a tough go at it this season, get sent by Carmy to work at Ever, one of the best restaurants in the world. He has to polish forks to begin his time there and is answering to a service staff that seems elitist at first, and there are scenes that demonstrate how hard these guys go to reinforce that gut feeling.

It isn’t until Richie gets a talking to from someone who’s all in on the philosophy where we finally see his mood change. And when he finally gets his suit or “armor”, the show completely takes off into a love letter of how great waiters can truly make someone’s day, and how great communication on a team can take any operation to the next level.

And then we’re celebrating right along with Richie as he sings “Romeo and Juliet” by Taylor Swift. That’s not a typo.

But all things must end and we feel sad for Richie because this troubled character has finally found his own space and now has to leave it behind.

Then The Bear, who has already given us a squad of surprise A List talent (story HERE) springs Oscar Winner Olivia Colman on us as the mysterious Chef Terry, who lifts up Richie one last time before the credits pop.

Every second does indeed count. And every second of this episode was just great.

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