The Righteous Gemstones: Here is what “Take the L” means in case you haven’t heard yet

The Righteous Gemstones was back with another winner this week, and one phrase dominated the show. We first heard it when the siblings were confronting Steven, his wife, and their attorney, for a potential settlement after Judy hooked up with Steven.

“You’re going to kiss that b**** @** for the good of the church. You’re taking the “L” Jesse declares.

“That’s a nawwww son from me. No “L””

“Kiss that smelly “b” Judy. Take the “L””

It’s not long before they’re chanting “Take the L” to convince Judy.

In case you don’t know. “Take the L” means to accept the loss. Accept defeat. It’s often used in baseball when a starting pitcher is given a loss in their win-loss record.

It’s also recently been used in slang for about a decade now.

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While we’re discussing the diction of the show, we should probably talk about “How you like me now?” too. This was the walk off line Jesse and the guys gave BJ when he was training to fight Steven.

“How do you like me now?” was a song from Toby Keith back in the late 90s. The messaging was delivered in the fashion of a dorky teenaged Keith transforming themselves to a successful musician.

Of course, things didn’t work out as intended.

In a very well done home invasion scene, BJ did get the jump on Steven while he tried to arrange a rendezvous with Judy after the settlement, but caught a beating before grabbing Steven by his unmentionables and almost killing him in front of the neighborhood.

Gemstones did not use that phrase as intended.

BONUS: “You made mamma into a Force Ghost?” said Kelvin after first seeing his mom Aimee Lee in hologram form.

“It ain’t no Babadook.” replies Jesse.

That would be comparing Aimee Leigh to Yoda, as Kelvin did during the hologram presentation. If you know the force in Star Wars, you may become a Force Ghost who can advise your Padawans in the after life.

Yeah. A lot happened this episode. And they only glimpsed at the main story of the two faced cousins who took redeemer.

Great season. Let’s do this again next week!

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