July 24, 2024

Hijack: Why I thought this was a major plothole but it wasn’t

Episode 5 of Hijack dropped on Wednesday, and it was another solid outing for the Idris Elba international action series. But as the credits ran, something was bothering me. I thought I had detected what would have been a Texas sized plot hole, and it was presented in a way that I believed could clear up some confusion out there.

It has to do with the terrorists on the ground. Yeah. All of this is on land.

This European smuggling network demonstrated early on that they’ve got the reach to kill anyone anytime they want. Look at what happened to their security accomplice and our poor air traffic controller in Dubai.

We observe the Dubai killers leaving the apartment, and the neighbor narcs on them. This alerts London of the killings.

At the close of the show, we see two killers go into Sam’s apartment to intercept his son when the credits roll.

“Wait, wait, how did those trashbag wearing, terrorist punks, make it from Dubai to London before the plane they hijacked arrived?”

I actually went back to look at it.

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They were two separate pairs of killers. I don’t know. They must have a uniform policy over there or something.

Now, two of the killers do look similar. Even if they were both played by the same actor, the writers have an excuse for that.

They’re twin brothers.

And they could bounce that off of the fact that the network already has had brothers working for them. Look at Stuart and Lewis (more on them HERE).

If you were thinking this was a plot hole, don’t feel bad. I also thought it was.

And I’m glad I’m wrong. This is a good show.

See you next time!

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