July 24, 2024

Secret Invasion: If Gravik has Groot powers, G’iah has Aldrich Killian abilities and maybe some from this hero too

Secret Invasion is down to one episode with Fury heading to the exchange point to hand Gravik “The Harvest”, which was the Avengers DNA collected after the Battle of Earth, which will be used to further his experiments in the creation of a Super Skrull that can rule the planet.

We’ve seen what Gravik can do. He has Groot’s powers of being able to turn his extremities into branch like stabbing weapons. You know what I’m talking about. “We are Groot”, all that.

But we’ve also seen G’iah demonstrate some powers as the beginning of the last episode, where we believed her to be dead after getting shot, only to watch her come back to life with her wound glowing and eventually healing.

Let’s revisit that.

We also know that the machine said “Extremis” when she entered it. What does that mean?

It means G’iah could have gained the powers of Aldrich Killian from Iron Man 3. These include regenerative abilities, which allowed her to heal, along with super strength and all of that good stuff.

But when Fury is describing “The Harvest” we hear him say that every hero spilled blood.

Including Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel.

Now, in the comics, the Super Skrull has the powers of all of the members of the Fantastic Four. Secret Invasion is using the Avengers.

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It’s not unprecedented that a Super Skrull can have more than one power. And Fury has told us that he won’t call down the Avengers to help him with Gravik.

That means G’iah will have to step up. And maybe she’ll reveal some Captain Marvel like abilities. Don’t put it past showrunners to do that, especially with “The Marvels” coming out later this year and the films not performing as strongly as they once have.

Either way, I hope Emilia Clarke gets a solid foundation set for her in the franchise. She’s been doing good work here.

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