Full Circle: Why everybody should be gunning for Mel Harmony right now

Melody Harmony (her actual name) is a top tier detective and the smartest character on Full Circle.

She’s also a terrible person.

Both of these things can be true.

And that is why every character in Full Circle should be trying to take down this absolutely fascinating person, that is leading to some of the best work of Zazie Beet’s career.

Sam Browne should want her gone because she’s uncovering intelligence that will take down her dad, and threaten the quality of life of herself and the rest of her family.

Derek Browne wouldn’t shed any tears in watching her get fired, after spilling the beans about mystery son, Nicky, and the hush deal with his mother, Charisse to his wife.

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Of course, Mahabir, Garmen, and the rest of those gangsters are going to need her to take a fall soon because she’s coming after them next.

Her boss, Manny, has already been threatened by her out in the open and has never won a fight with a woman (Jim Gaffigan crushing this work too by the way)

And finally, her girlfriend is angry and won’t give her a place to live.

Mel is s*** out of friends.

Which is also a bad thing. If I could talk to this character one ENTJ to another, I’d say “You’re really, really awesome at your job, and it might get you killed. And if it does, nobody will care. So, chill… For like three seconds.”

And she would probably cleverly insult me and walk away.

She’s a disruptor of the status quo. A status quo that was never in danger after Jared walked back into his apartment that night.

And disruptors always have a target on their backs. There is also no reason for us to mourn her if she goes down.

Awesome character. Awesome show.

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