The Horrors of Dolores Roach: Here is why Ruthie the investigator sounds so familiar

“I never don’t find em”

We hear Ruthie the investigator say that so often in “The Horrors of Dolores Roach” that it’s the title of episode 5 of the series.

But there may be something else that seems really familiar about Ruthie. Specifically her speech. Oh, you know who she is but, if you’re like me your brain is too busy worrying about Dolores and the pair of corpses hanging upside down in her apartment bathroom to really focus on it.

I’ll save you some time. It’s Cyndi Lauper. Yeah, that Cyndi Lauper.

To anyone born after 1990, Cyndi Lauper sang “Girls just wanna have fun”. If you’ve never heard of it, I can assure you your parents have. It was an 80s party anthem.

And she’s such a legend that she has other stars playing her to this very day.

If you watch “Roach” and “Young Rock” then buckle in.

In “Young Rock” you’ll recall Becky Lynch playing a pop star a couple of times in the series during the then WWF golden age of the 80s that had both Lauper, and of course a young Dwayne Johnson in it’s orbit. That’s who Lynch was supposed to be.

To still be acting, while having other stars play a younger you speaks volumes about your career.

As for the rest of the episode, there was a lot going on, including the discovery of those corpses while Ruthie was still in the neighborhood while looking for Gideon, and that errr love scene between Luis and Dolores. Check back on the blog later for a very uncomfortable post on that very bizarre scene.

You can watch “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” below…

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