The Horrors of Dolores Roach: Here is who may have answered the door at the end

The Horrors of Dolores Roach is now in my rear view and it was a pretty good time. There were a lot of unexpected moments, and while the show was done in the style of Sweeney Todd, it still had enough originality to stand on its own with no problems.

But you want to know who was answered the door at the end of the finale. Right?

If you watch the end of season featurette on Amazon Prime the official response given by Alejandro Hernandez, who plays Luis in the series is “I don’t know. You’ll just have to see what happens.”

The Horrors of Dolores Roach hasn’t been renewed yet. The finale could serve as a satisfying series or season ender.

If we’re being honest, its possible that showrunners haven’t even decided who answered the door yet.

Let’s break down a few scenarios..

If we don’t get a season 2, then it was probably Dominic who answered the door: You look at Dolores’ response, a maniacal laugh and grasping for the person’s throat, then you can be certain that it was her ex lover who got her thrown into jail for 16 years.

If we’re getting a season 2 then it was probably Luis or Georgina: We don’t know that Luis died. He may have been able to point to his injuries and pawn everything off on Dolores. This would set up a second season with this couple who are very good on screen together.

The easy answer may be Georgina, who hinted that she may have had a child with Dominic.

And I’ll throw another theory out there. How about Tabitha? Who may have traded some time off of her sentence for some intel on Dolores. Dolores may have been joking with her friend and could be happy to see her.

We may find out. We may never know.

One more thing mentioned in the featurette, is Justina Machado explaining the transference of anger from Dominic to Luis. When Luis gave up Nellie to the cops, he became Dominic. That lends more credit to the theory that it may be Luis who answered the door.

There you go. I hope this was useful to you.

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