They Cloned Tyrone: The 10 craziest scenes in this wild, wild, movie

Let’s be real. This post could have been the top 20 craziest scenes of “They Cloned Tyrone”. I had no problem stacking this list with all of the wild things we observed in this film.

But it is good though. I recommend it.

Here are the ten craziest scenes of They Cloned Tyrone, (in no particular order)…

Fontaine’s partner encourages hydration after the first lab goes missing: When Fontaine brings reinforcements back to the house, the lab is nowhere to be seen. And his partner goes on this water kick. “My doctor says you need to drink a bottle of water” and before you know it, he’s talking about osmosis and we have no clue what’s going on.

The Strip Club brainswashing scene: When Fontaine, Yo Yo, and Slick Charles are escaping the lab, they come out through the strip club. Then the DJ using his hypnotic music, forms a mob to capture them. This leads to…

The Kiefer Sutherland reveal: He’s in the credits, but I wasn’t expecting Jack Bauer in this film. The fact that Yo Yo starts talking Kevin Bacon to him makes it even wilder (more on that HERE) and then he almost makes Fontaine kill himself with the mention of Olympia Black.

The reveal of Fontaine’s mother: More sad than crazy, Fontaine discovers that there is nothing but an intercom in his mother’s room.

The post credits scene: I did an entire write up on the post credits scene that gives us the meaning of the film’s title HERE.

The Chicken Restaurant: Maybe you noticed it right away. Maybe it took you a minute, but we knew something was wrong when everyone in that restaurant was laughing.

The visit to the barber: Yes, the brainwashing hair products were freaky, but when Issac came in trying to flex with the barber cape, I thought that was a funny touch.

Bonus: “He shot me for free a couple of days ago!”

The Captain America fight: Eventually Fontaine has to fight himself. Just like Steve Rogers fights himself in Avengers: Endgame. Nixon even calls him Captain America in their first meeting.

The Church: Goodness. The communion grape drink is drugged, causing the entire congregation to celebrate a message of false trust. David Alan Grier did a lot with a minute of screen time.

The original Fontaine: At the end of the film we get to meet the original Fontaine. A geneticist who had a distorted vision of the future that would far outlive him. Kiefer Sutherland teased it earlier but it was still a very well done scene.

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