July 25, 2024

Twisted Metal: Ghosts in the Ocean and other messages in Episode 6 DRVTHRU

Episode 6 of Twisted Metal, titled “DRVTHRU” is a more dramatically darker episode than what you’ve probably watched up to this point, where we get a backstory on Quiet and how she ended up on the run with her brother.

The plotline starts in the Orange County Farmlands where Quiet is offered a too good to be true contract for her and her brother to find a better life. And we observe them a couple of years later trapped in dystopian suburbia where they’ve been thrusted into slavery in a society, where disobedient servants get their body parts cut off. Quiet’s brother is working in an Astal Burger when the two are reunited after being separated, and after a brief reunion, the restaurant manager confronts the siblings leading to Quiet’s brother spitting in his face. Later that night after an active shooter attacks the store, the manager, calls the reapers, an enforcement team that kills rebelling servants and cuts off his ear before giving him up to be executed. Quiet emerges with her tomahawk, killing both reapers and the restaurant manager before escaping with her brother.

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Back in present day, John Doe and Quiet also in an Astral Burger, hook up in a ball pit after the former tries to stop the latter from returning to Topeka to kill Agent Stone. A Watkins Storm, an aggressive electrical storm caused by nuclear pollution in the atmosphere, forces them to stay longer in the restaurant where they continue to argue over their future and feelings before deciding to stay together and finishing their trip to New Chicago. On the sign we see spray painted “Calypso is real”.

There wasn’t a lot of strong pop culture references in this episode. The two do share some philosophies and experiences such as Doe believing there are ghosts in the ocean and Quiet explaining to her new lover what Disney Land is, and being told that Mickey Mouse sounds terrifying in return.

I’ve hypothesized that Raven is Calypso HERE

DRVTHRU is an easy license plate title hint. It’s Drive Thru.

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