Hijack: Five questions we’ve got ahead of the finale

Wow. “Hijack” has certainly not disappointed, and has been a wire to wire action suspense outing that won’t soon be forgotten. The ending to episode 6 was jarring to say the least, with a window of hope for our passengers, promptly getting slammed close in one of the most brutal developments of the show we’ve seen so far.

I’m of course, talking about the mystery woman who stood up in the middle of the passenger revolt, walked to the bathroom, fixed her hair in to a pony tail, and walked out of the bathroom, killing one of the pilots without barely breaking stride before taking over the cockpit.

Questions. You’ve got them. I know I’ve got them. Let’s get it..

Did Stuart and the other attackers know about this mystery woman?: It’s important to point out that there was no foreshadowing here. This lady has been quiet the entire flight before taking the plane in the last two minute of the second to last episode. She was clearly an insurance plan. But did the other attackers know?

Does the mystery woman have her own objectives?: Is she working with the attackers or is she just going to crash the plane now that the terrorists on the ground have seemingly escaped? That last sentence may sound weird but keep in mind this smuggler network will use family as leverage. She might take down the plane to save someone she cares about on the ground.

Do the politicians on the ground have to revisit the idea of shooting the plane down? We have about three Paw Patrols until this thing gets to London. The leadership on the ground has been a joke up to this point. Will they take the easy way out?

How does Sam’s son get out of that apartment?: This is the only non plane thread still going. Sam’s teenaged son is stuck in the apartment with “the cleaners”. You figure he has to act soon. Even if his dad gets off the plane, that might not stop the cleaners.

How is this all going to get sorted?: My gut tells me that there is still space for some redemption for Stuart. He’s not a stone cold killer and the same goes for Terry. They’ve worked with Sam a couple of times already and if this new lady is on her own orders, they’ll take the plane back, and get the co pilot, Kovacs, to land it safely.

What a show. Next week can’t get here soon enough.

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