Secret Invasion: Captain Marvel, Mantis, Ebony Maw, and all of the other powers we saw in the final battle

Secret Invasion is in the books with the finale dropping this morning, and the final battle featured G’iah and Gravik in a super powered struggle over the fate of the Skrulls civilization, and a world on the brink of war in the balance.

We see G’iah (disguised as Nick Fury) give “The Harvest” to Gravik, who then activates the machine, granting himself the powers of all of the Avengers and (some villains), while G’iah reveals herself and begins to use the powers as well.

I’m no Marvel expert, so forgive me if I don’t get all of them.

Gravik begins to grow some muscle mass resembling Abomination, while G’iah taps Extremis powers develop by Aldrich Killian (which we saw before HERE) in her left arm, while her right arm begins to look like Drax.

Gravik throws a car at G’iah and she phases like Ghost. We then watch Gravik’s arm turn to something like Korg and then G’iah makes her arm into an ice sword and stabs him with it. Gravik then begins using Ebony Maw telekinesis and kicks her with a Hulk leg.

G’iah recovers and flies at her adversary like Captain Marvel, pulling him up in the sky before Gravik also starts flying around like Carol Danvers and punches her with what could be Thanos’ arm. G’iah finally uses Mantis’ power to put Gravik to sleep for a second. He wakes up before she phases past one of his energy blasts and uses her own blast to shoot a hole through his stomach ending the fight and killing him.

Yeah, there was a lot going on.

The fight did keep us interested by trying to spot those powers. There were some from The Harvest that went unused but we had plenty to watch.

The Super Skrull is upon us, but with so much going on in the Marvel Universe at the moment, who knows when we’ll see her again.

I’m sure I missed or misinterpreted some powers. Let me know in the comments below.

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