This Fool: “Feel The Payne” gives us David Arquette and “The Bear” vibes

There was a lot going on in episode four in season 2 of “This Fool”. I’m not going to waste any time. I’ll begin with a synopsis, and will circle back with a list of references that you might have recognized or believed felt really familiar.

“Feel The Payne” begins with the return of Chef Percy Williams, the former kitchen boss of “Hugs Not Thugs” who is now in charge of a high pressure pastry operation, with a team of disciples hanging on his every word, and occasionally becoming aroused. Julio and Luis visit Percy in his kitchen and convince him to join their new venture “Mugs not Thugs”.

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Percy panics when he observes the future site of the cafe, which is where the hold up took place for the Clyde and Clyde two parter that preceded this episode. The trio determines that they need to locate Minister Leonard Payne, who has experience running an operation. Payne, who hasn’t been seen since the fall of “Hugs not Thugs” is supporting himself with an Only Fans featuring his “larger attributes”.

Julio, Luis, and Percy find Payne living in the desert in a minimalist community, where he believes that money isn’t important. We meet his neighbor (David Arquette) who invites Payne and his guests to a hootenany (I had to look up that spelling). Julio becomes frustrated with Payne, before everyone discovers the following morning that the community is actually made up of billionaires, with Payne’s neighbor giving Percy a Ferrari he could afford as the inventor of fentanyl. Disillusioned with his entire arrangement, Payne straps one of his p**** statues to the top of Percy’s Ferrari and heads back to Los Angeles with the group. We observe the Ferrari being stolen as everyone is having lunch. The statue is left behind.

Let’s unpack some of this.

The first five minutes of the show is a tribute to “The Bear”, another summertime Hulu darling show. Including the music that plays out in the kitchen.

Percy asks Julio and Luis if they robbed a bank to start their business. Technically no. The money came from Sonny who did rob a bank before holding them hostage and getting arrested.

Fans of the “Scream” franchise should recognize David Arquette here in another scene stealing guest star role.

We observe Luis taking a bunch of pictures on his phone during the episode. The show then shows them to us during the credits.

I thought the rocket launchers in Twisted Metal would be the most unusual thing I’d see mounted on a car this weekend. Boy, was I wrong.

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