Captain Fall: “The Human Zoo” gives us action and a real Norwegian tragedy

Wow. Episode 3 of “Captain Fall” certainly had a lot of story for us. Let’s begin.

And “Human Zoo” begins exactly in the “Von Der Recht” Zoo where two wealthy human traffickers keep humans locked up in cages by their nationalities and forcing them to do stereotypical things. We’ve got out of shape Americans in a diner, French mimes, K Pop bands, and Norwegians climbing mountains (more on these guys later).

Back on the boat, Fall meets with Mr. Tyrant and is given a pep talk before everyone on the boat is forced to attend a yoga session. This is because according to the crew of the Caribbean Queen, Yoga is important for preserving world peace and stopping global warming. Two issues that are bigger than you and me.


After everyone gets inside, the crew gasses everyone to sleep, including Fall. They use this window to conduct the exchange of the natives that we saw in the last episode with Mr. Von Der Recht for his zoo. The group carries the germs caught from Fall to the human zoo where their sickened state causes a panic at the opening. The Norwegians use the chaos to orchestrate an escape.

Out for revenge, Von Der Recht attacks the Caribbean Queen and is defeated by Liza and the rest of the crew while Fall is drugged again. The Norwegians, after some passive aggressive back and forth decide to spend one more night in the wilderness. Despite their determination to be free after years in a human zoo, they’re eaten by lions the very next morning as they show ends.

Some notes..

(Me exhaling as I type this) Yeah, that was a really unfortunate turn for the Norwegians. I was rooting for them. I felt bad.

Pedro calls Mr. Tyrant a “caballero” or a gentleman in Spanish.

Bon Jovi was in the right. You can pet a cat for about five minutes before it gets angry. Big episode for cat violence this week.

Liza flicking a piece of flesh at us was another part of this immersive experience.

And so was “The Ride of the Valkyries” during the attack on the ship. I enjoyed that.

But man.. Those Norwegians. RIP.

What did I miss? Let me know in the comments below..

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ALSO episode three was also messed with the senses. Read about that HERE


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