July 15, 2024

Twisted Metal: Drivers confirmed for the season 2 tournament and other likely contenders

The wild conclusion to season one of the Twisted Metal series presents us with the tournament that the video game series is based on, and a list of confirmed participants.

After Raven fails to convince John Doe to stay in New San Francisco where is family was originally from before the fall of society, she captures him and reveals that he will be her driver in a tournament hosted by Calypso. This is likely the figure Doe and Quiet converse with over the intercom during their delivery to New Chicago, whose voice resembles the video game villain’s.

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We then see a long haired figure standing in front of a tournament bracket and placing photographs on the board.

Here are the photos of the drivers he’s posting, and a description according to their appearance on the show or the mythology in the game franchise.

Miranda Watts aka Twister: The race car driving leader of the convoy and an ally to John and Quiet. We last see her recovering from the big season finale battle. She’s played by Jamie Neumann.

The Preacher: The leader of the Holy Men, who gave John the beatdown of the season, which resulted in the destruction of Evelyn.

who shares a first round bracket with…

Axel: a character from the video game that hasn’t been introduced in live action yet, who is mounted to a set of wheels.

Bloody Mary: John’s ex girlfriend who attempts to steal Raven’s Ice Cream from him and gets stabbed in the chest by Quiet and her hatchet. She’s played by SNL star and FTR favorite Chloe Fineman.

Mr. Grimm: A video game fan favorite who drives a motorcycle and has the single most powerful attack in the series.

John Doe: Our lead hero and humble mother ****** doesn’t have Roadkill. What will he drive? Played of course by Anthony Mackie.

Other possible drivers:

Sweet Tooth: Oh, if you haven’t heard. He’s still alive (more HERE). And best believe he’ll be there with Harold in some shape or form. He’s played by Samoa Joe and voiced by Will Arnett.

Agent Stone: We don’t see him die. Twisted Metal tournaments usually have a cop in them. He’s played by Thomas Haden Church.

Pit Viper: She narcs on John and Quiet to Stone after the fight at the Nuthouse.

Doll Face aka John’s sister: She announces herself at the end of the finale. She’s a driver in the game franchise.

Quiet: It’s more likely she’ll be riding shotgun with John in Roadkill but don’t rule out her having her own ride. Stephanie Beatriz plays her on the show.

Raven: Is also a driver in the game and is close with Calypso. You never know. And played by the excellent Neve Campbell.

The prize?

The winner gets “Their heart’s desire” which Calypso usually includes with a twisted catch.

Season 2 can’t get here soon enough.

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