July 24, 2024

Twisted Metal: All of the major answers from the season one finale and the set up for season two

The season one finale of Twisted Metal delivered on all of the promises that the trailer gives us. We get a major car battle featuring many of the characters from the game, and most importantly, we get answers. Let’s not waste anymore time.

You’ve got questions about Twisted Metal. Here are the answers..

The package that John Doe was retrieving from New Chicago was a pint of Rocky Road Ice Cream: And Raven didn’t even enjoy it. She wanted pistachio ice cream instead.

John Doe, Quiet, Miranda Watts aka Twister, Stu and Mike, and Sweet Tooth all survive the final battle. The fate of Agent Stone is unknown: There didn’t appear to be any major casualties from the final big battle of the season. Quiet hits Agent Stone in the face with a hatchet but leaves him with the same ultimatum he gave her and her brother at the beginning of the season. We hear a gunshot as they drive away but there is no visual confirmation that he’s dead. Thought Sweet Tooth was dead? Go back and watch the credits.

John Doe does get to live in New San Francisco and that’s where his family was from: John does get into New San Francisco but Quiet does not. Quiet shoots John and has him carried into the city. When John decides he’d rather be outside with his girlfriend, Raven takes him to his childhood home and presents him with photos of his family. All of his memories then come flooding back. He still wants to leave. Raven then has him captured.

Raven turned out to be just a greedy and powerful woman: Let’s be real Neve Campbell is fine as she is. And she did technically deliver on her promise. But she will also force John Doe to compete in the Twisted Metal tournament being set up by Calypso, a separate character we only hear from through an intercom in New Chicago. Raven herself is still revealed to be a manipulative villain regardless.

The woman at the end of the show appears to be Dollface, another driver from the Twisted Metal tournament and announces herself as John Doe’s sister: After forcing John Doe into New San Francisco we observe Quiet in Roadkill stealing half of the loads from Milk Men and sharing them with the poor. She’s confronted at the end by a group of women wearing scary masks and screaming. The leader declares herself to be John’s sister. A startling revelation to close season one.

That was “Going the Distance” by Cake kicking off the finale. An appropriate theme for that final clash.

Raven offers Quiet a milk man run to San Diego which she promptly denies, throwing the bag to the homeless in the street. They open up the bag revealing Rice A Roni. Widely called “The San Francisco Treat”

And the final license plate episode puzzle was SHNGRLA which is revealed during the post credits scene HERE

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