Twisted Metal: Explaining the post credits scene from the season one finale

Yes, there was a post credits scene from the season one finale of Twisted Metal, and it reveals the fate of the series signature character. Let’s not waste anymore time.

The post credit sequence kicks in after several tiles, as we observe Mike and Stu sitting next to a fire on some beachfront property roasting hot dogs, and enjoying the company of a pair of mannequins.

“I told you we’d find it and we f***** did” says Mike “Shangri f******* La!”

“We got everything we need” adds Stu “Ladies, liquor, and long dogs”

We then observe Sweet Tooth emerging from behind them with his machete “Good evening!” he says as the two began to scream. He raises his weapon and stops.

“Actually, I have a better idea” he says laughing.

He then swings his machete anyways and we see blood splashing on the mannequins before Sweet Tooth drags Stu back into the wilderness.

The blood appears to be from Mike but there isn’t any visual confirmation that he’s dead.

It looks as if the “S Brothers” will ride again.


Affairs between the three were fine all the way until the final major car battle of the season one finale, where Sweet Tooth begins wildly firing off missiles, striking a friendly member of the convoy in the process.

Stu and Mike object and turn on the killer clown, jumping out of the ice cream truck while he’s battling Agent Stone, and later hitting him with their own vehicle and abandoning him on the way to safety.

Season 2 will center around a tournament being organized by Calypso. It’s impossible to not see Sweet Tooth being a part of the action in someway.

The status of Harold remains unknown. The brown paper bag was last seen driving the ice cream truck in the battle.


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