Twisted Metal: A new car, returning characters, and everything else from Episode 9 R04DK11

The pentultimate episode to this season of Twisted Metal picks up after the destruction of Evelyn at the hands of the holy men. We see John Doe continue to collect parts, as Quiet continues her journey to New San Francisco, where she crashes trying to avoid a dead deer. After cursing the namesake of the animal in relation to her last partner, she’s confronted by a vulture named Mark.

After a rather thoughtful conversation, Mark decides that he still needs to kill Quiet and take Raven’s package from her. Quiet is rescued by the convoy of semis lead by Miranda Watts aka Twister. We discover that the convoy also picked up John Doe and a hostile reunion takes place, as the two try to outfit a new vehicle to finish their journey.

We catch up to Sweet Tooth, Stu, and Mike after a robbery of what appears to be a military weapons cache. Mike tries to convince Stu to leave the killer clown but the conversation is interuppted by the other half of the “S Brothers”. As the three drive away, Harold gives Sweet Tooth some lighter fluid which he douses the top of his head with while handing a lighter to Stu.

As everyone heads to the blockade, we observe Agent Stone mobilizing his “dogs” for an ambush.They also organize an attack on the convoy, killing three drivers.

After making up, John Doe and Quiet finish working an what appears to be a red Trans Am with bullet proof glass. They name their new vehicle Roadkill.

Accompanied by the convoy, they speed towards the blockade where Stone is waiting with an ambush. In the final moments we observe Twister getting into her race car, and Sweet Tooth shooting off missiles. Stu lights the clown’s head on fire as the credits begin to pop.

A couple of notes.

This is the second Mark of the show. In addition to the vulture, Sweet Tooth also mentions that Sisqo ‘The Silver Haired God” is also called Mark.

The song we hear from Tasha’s Sex Tunes CD is “Epic” by Faith No More.

Sweet Tooth reaches his final form by lighting his head on fire. That’s the way he drives in the video game.

Finally, the license plate episode name is an easy one R04DK11 is Roadkill.

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