Gen V: Memento Audere Semper and Phoebe Bridgers on Prime Video again

Episode two of Gen V picks up right where our premiere left off. Like the cleaning crew is still picking up chunks of Golden Boy after he killed Brink trying to find his brother, and decided to fight anyone that got in his way before blowing himself up.

We catch up with Marie who is watching all of this while holding back tears. And we hear a cover of “Nothing Else Matters” by Metalica.

This is Phoebe Bridgers singing that cover and if you’re an avid Prime Video watcher, this is the second time you’ve heard it on the streaming service in less than 90 days.

You might recall that “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart” played the same thing during their excellent mini series.

It’s an all time great song and Bridgers does a solid job.


Another scene that stuck out was at the Crimson Countess School of Performing Arts (got to love this continuity) where we see a phrase on the poster in latin.

Memento Audere Semper which is Remeber to Dare.

There was actually a lot of good info in the second episode. We learn that Marie’s sister was adopted and her location is unknown. We later learn that little sister wants nothing to do with the sibling who killed her parents by accident with period blood after discovering her powers.

Finally, it was a neat little nod to the late 90s to hear that Andre’s dad saved a member of Matchbox 20. It had to be Rob Thomas. Right?

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