July 24, 2024

Gen V: There is technically a post credits scene after episode one “God U”

Gen V has dropped, and the story which takes place in “The Boys” universe and features college aged supes trying to uncover even more Vaught corruption doesn’t pull any punches with the gore or the sex.

And after the showers of blood from the sky and the shrinking person navigating human genitalia (the second time this has happened in this particular mythology) we get a post credits scene. Technically, its a post credits scene, there are only a couple of credit tiles shown while “Celebrity Skin” by Hole blares out after the shocking developments we just witnessed.

Then we get who I believe is the best public relations flack turn CEO on television at the moment, with Ashley Barret (Colby Minifie) explaining the events that just occurred resulting in multiple deaths.

But her remarks are designed to just preview the rest of the Gen V season.

A fun little easter egg.

Some other notes from the first episode..

Luke Riordan (Patrick Schwarzenegger, yeah that Schwarzenegger) displays the powers of the Human Torch, all the way until the end of the episode where he flies into the sky and goes “Super Nova”. In comic books this is a devastating attack that destroys everything around him. Here it seems only to destroy the supe.

We also can’t ignore the parallels of the camera panning over from the statue of Homelander to Luke as he exits the school. We know that Luke was destined to join Homelander on The Seven, there was sort of a familiar rage I saw between them during this wild sequence.

What did you think of the first episode of Gen V? Let me know in the comments below.

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