Gen V: Here are some fan theories floating around after episode 3

Gen V has arrived on Prime Video, and “The Boys” spinoff featuring college aged super heroes trying to uncover a conspiracy at their university seems to be well received.

There have even been some interesting fan theories floating around.

Now, I didn’t think of any of these. These were on social media and message boards. Let’s take a look at the more interesting theories.


Marie’s sister is also in the woods: We’re still trying to uncover where Marie’s sister is. And having her imprisoned next to Sam, who was Luke Riordan’s brother makes a lot of sense.

Indira Shetty is Victoria Neuman’s mom: This is a spicy one, and given Indira’s own shady description of her daughter this could work in a lot of ways. If there is a revolt, making her the “final boss” would put an end to any uprising with a quickness.

The Woods are a training ground for a “Suicide Squad”: There has to be a reason why they’re keeping these kids alive. Right? Using them as some sort of expendable group of supes makes a lot of sense for the same reason it made sense in the DC universe. It could also make for an interesting final season battle.


Cate is really a bad guy and made Luke kill himself: It is so rare to have a mind controller who is actually a good guy. We got Mantis from Guardians, Professor X and that might be it. They did name Marie the Guardian of Godolken (even though it had too many syllables). I digress. Keep an eye on Cate. She’s a tough one to trust.

What do you think of these theories? Let me know in the comments below.

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