Special Forces World’s Toughest Test: Tara Reid battling negativity over appearance hits hard

If you watched the season premiere of Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test, it wasn’t hard to spot the celebrity who was having the most difficult time with the challenges.

It was actress Tara Reid.

She fell off the twin bars during the first challenge, and she couldn’t move well with her rock. She was suffering the entire time, so the staff decided to question her.

And while this is “reality” TV. Reid discussing how the public has reacted to her appearance is very true. They haven’t been kind in recent years.

“I can’t do American Pie” anymore. She says.

Its powerful because that is exactly what fans still cling too. You’ll recall that Reid was part of that memorable cast of early 00s stars like Chris Klein, Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Shannon Elizabeth, Mena Survari, and Alyson Hannigan (who’s on Dancing with the Stars right now as well).


Now, we all age. Reid is 47. When she shot American Pie she must have been 22 or 23. Who can hold up a picture of themselves 25 years ago and say they look as good then as they do now? I know I can’t.

But I’m also not a celebrity. And the boys worshipped Reid back in the day. So much so that she guest starred on Ghosts earlier this year where she played a retro crush (story HERE).


So, while there is a bit of drama worked in here, there is also a good amount of truth. Its tough looking into the past and feeling like a piece of you got lost along the way. I’ve felt it and you might have too.

Here is hoping Reid has a better outing next week.

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