Krapopolis: Best part of episode 3 didn’t involve stellar voice cast

Episode 3 of Krapopolis was an improvement over the premiere double header that we got last week. It wasn’t as bizarre and the laughs were a little more frequent.

The best part didn’t involve the show’s stars.

But it didn’t include its two most notable voice actors in Matt Berry (What We Do In The Shadows) and Hannah Waddingham (Ted Lasso).

It involved wolves, who only partially understood what the humans were saying.


This came about when Stupendous decided to infiltrate wolf culture by wearing their skins and immersing herself in their urine. Anyways, she’s immediately discovered and almost killed. She does befriend one of the wolves, who falls in love with cooked food and the two break up a war between their culture on that basis alone.

Then the wolves basically become dogs. And everyone lives happily ever after.


There were some more recognizable voices though

If you thought Poseidon sounded familiar it’s because he was voiced by comedy vet Dave Koechner (The Office, Anchorman). That’s right Todd Packer/Champ Kind. Whammy!

And of course, we love Yvette Nicole Brown from Community, who played his daughter and Tyrannis’ fiance who he’s forced to fight a Minotaur over.

Is Deliria really that bad?

If you ask me, Tyrannis is the debbie downer of this show so far. While no one enjoys meddling parents, the guy is a wimp and not very inspiring. He could have married a god’s daughter but just refuses to be respectable. It’s early. There could be redemption for him but it ain’t this week. Deliria has an ego but she’s a goddess. Why can’t all of them be great?

What did you think of the episode. Let me know in the comments.

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