June 23, 2024

Only Murders In The Building: Some viewers thought the Loretta and Dickie reveal would go horribly wrong

The season finale of Only Murders in the Building may have been about finding the person or persons who killed CoBro star Ben Glenroy, but it was also about something else.

Mothers and sons. We had two storylines resolved on that very emotional topic with very different outcomes.

We of course learned that Donna tried to poison Ben to save Cliff’s play. During her surrender/confession to the coat rack aka Tobert, we learned that she’s dying of cancer and she would actually save her son from taking his own life before the two were sent to jail

But there was also a warm mother/son angle. I’m talking about Loretta telling Dickie that she was his mother. We learned a couple of weeks ago that Loretta put him up for adoption and the two had been bonding over the Death Rattle Dazzle production.

However, some fans online and on the message boards thought the scene was going to take a dreadful turn. And maybe you did too.

The writing was ambiguous and the words Loretta was saying to her son sounded like they could also be used to tell someone that you have romantic feelings for them.

Loretta sounded like a mom. Dickie was postured like he was going to try to kiss her like a girlfriend.

They even had Mabel listening behind the stage curtain, almost prepared for something to go wrong. The energy was off.

Thank goodness. No. Thank god. We were wrong

Having Dickie get the whole vibe wrong may have thrown the entire finale off of it’s tracks.

As for the way it did turn out. There were some mixed emotions.

We were happy for Loretta and Dickie.

But we were also sad for Donna and Cliff.

Everyone acted their tails off. That’s why this show is so appreciated.

What did you think of the scene? Let me know in the comments.

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