Only Murders in the Building: Fans guessed the killers, they didn’t track the cliffhanger

While I wish I was clever enough to write that “cliffhanger” line after watching the finale of Only Murders of the Building, sadly it wasn’t so. I saw it online.

But what I did manage to track, along with almost every other fan of OMITB was the identity of the killer(s) who poisoned and pushed Ben Glenroy down an elevator shaft to his death.

We guessed it weeks ago. Donna tried to poison Ben. She failed and then Cliff had to finish the job.


Still, it goes so much further and the reveal still managed to be clever. This is in part to this incredible cast and the final sequences.

What fans didn’t see coming was the cliffhanger. Heck, many of us thought this could be a series finale.

But we did get what seemed like Charles entering his dark apartment and a bullet piercing his window and hitting this person in the stomach.

It’s not long before we realize that it was Sazz, not Charles that the shooter killed. Before she dies she’s tries to write something on the floor in her blood but we have no clue what it might be. And the credits pop.


There are some early theories.

Some fans say it could be Jan.

A few are saying Howard.

Others say that it could be Tobert. What purpose did he serve anyways? Jesse Williams is great but it felt like there was so much more.

And there are some people who actually think it might be Scott Bakula. Wouldn’t that be something?

Now, we wait. And while it’ll be painful we should be grateful to get another season.

This cast is not cheap and perhaps even more important at this point is that they’re not young either.

Appreciate Steve Martin, Martin Short, and one of the best actresses ever in Meryl Streep. When they hang it up, we’ll never get their kind of talent back.

What did you think of the finale? Let me know in the comments below.

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