Special Forces World’s Toughest Test: It looks like FOX is trying to redeem Tom Sandoval

This blog does not cover Vanderpump Rules. Nothing against the program or anyone that watches it, there are just reality bloggers out there that specialize in that kind of thing and can do it better.

But it appears that The Vanderpump Rules are coming to me.

This is because the fame (or infamy) of “Scandoval” featuring the show’s stars Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix has spread into primetime network television.

Madix is the sweetheart and could very well win this season of “Dancing with the Stars”. She’s great (story HERE).

Sandoval, who cheated on Madix with a castmate is on at least one, or possibly two FOX primetime shows. Normally, only Gordon Ramsey or Ken Jeung get to do that.


Fans are high on the possibility that Sandoval could be The Diver on The Masked Singer (story HERE). That would be something.

But we know that Sandoval is on Special Forces World’s Toughest Test. And boy is FOX making this guy sympathetic. So much so that if you don’t know what he did you might end up rooting for him.

They’re setting him up for this whole “Officer and a Gentleman” “I got nowhere else to go” arc where he’s owning up to everything, putting on a brave face and going through with the challenges.

And he’s not allowing any space for heel behavior. He’s probably had the least dialog with the rest of the cast of anyone on the show.


How far could he go? Pretty far. But I don’t think that’s what going to happen.

He’ll do something noble and leave with a positive impression on the audience.

And to anyone that doesn’t watch VanderPump rules, they’ll look at him and say “Yeah, I saw him on Special Forces. That Tom Sandoval is a pretty respectable cat.”

Wouldn’t that be something?

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

PLUS why staff should have let this cast member come back HERE

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