Special Forces World’s Toughest Test: Why staff should have let Dez Bryant come back

Strong episode of Special Forces World’s Toughest Test this week, with two entertaining challenges and three celebrity eliminations that were somewhat foreseen by staff at the beginning of the episode.

First was Tara Reid. Listen, my 19 year old self was rooting for her and everyone could relate to missing out on our old glory days. In her case it was the American Pie era. We get it. But she was struggling and had to go.


Blac Chyna or Angela White was tricky. She was head strong all the way until she wasn’t. It was true, it never felt like she wanted to be there but I didn’t expect her to go home this early.

Now, we have to talk about Dez Bryant.

If you’re a football fan, you know Bryant. And you know he wasn’t afraid of anyone on that football field, I don’t care how big you were. He was coming. He could still be playing today.

And he admitted his fears to America. He admitted being afraid of the water before submerging himself in an icy lake. And he was afraid of heights and repelled down a steep dam.


He did that twice.

That second time, staff left him literally hanging while Blac Chyna bailed. He was understandably upset when he got to the bottom and he quit. He wanted to come back but staff said no.

Wrong answer.

And you can’t invoke the military. I was there. You absolutely have to do the work.

But your superiors can’t set you up for failure. That’s what staff did here.

Dez volunteered to face his fear a second time and they let him hang. He was mad. I would have been mad too.

This is TV. But let’s say it’s not. When your soldiers fail because of something you did, you maintain your authority and discipline but best believe your superiors will be asking questions. Training evolves and improves. Unfortunately, there is no one above staff on this show.

They should have let him back in. Its unfortunate to see all of that unfold.

Moving on. Still excellent TV. So, we’re all rooting for JoJo now. Right?

See you next week.

Plus, more on Tara Reid’s struggles HERE

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