The Irrational: Show is the latest to discover the powers of smell and memory

In it’s second episode, The Irrational held most of our focus on the arc of the week regarding a reporter that had been poisoned, and her work with Alec to discover the identity of her killer before she dies.

But the show didn’t blow off the season long storyline of trying to discover who was behind the bombing of a church that left Alec permanently scarred while killing many others.


In fact, it dedicated its discovery this week to the power of smell.

Our sense of smell has been discovered to have a strong relationship to our memory.

Alec would periodically during the episode smell various fragrances tied to that night to jog his memory. You may have recognized that notorious bottle of CK1 cologne that all guys over 35 are guilty of bathing in during the late 90s.

Using smell to remember works. And TV has been using that connection more often. Especially this year.

A very few of you may have watched “Drop of God” on Apple TV back in the spring. The superb trilingual limited series regarding a wine tasting contest where the prize is a wine empire.

There, Camille Leger, is the daughter of the deceased man that created the contest but she doesn’t drink. Her only weapon to discover which wine she is drinking is her smell.


And just like the Irrational, the smell leads to visualizations of the past. Visualizations of the past can unlock memories. Important memories.

That’s what Alec did this week. It was a nice little nod to how the mind works, which is why I supposed we’re all tuned in to begin with.

See you next week.

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