July 15, 2024

The Irrational: The Grizzly Bear Experiment

The Irrational aired it’s second episode this week, and while the main mystery may have been fairly easy to figure out to any viewers who watch procedurals on a regular basis, the show succeeded in introducing a social stunt which is the hook of the series which compels us to tune in to begin with.

We’re talking about the Grizzly Bear video.

And that begins with the “Dead Woman Walking” CJ reluctant to accept that a tea pot containing poison may have been placed at her lunch table without her noticing. To demonstrate, Alec puts on a video of a bunch of his college students passing around a basketball and asks CJ to count all the players on the yellow team that pass the ball. CJ never notices that a guy in a Grizzly Bear Costume wanders into the shot during the action.

This is because Alec is proving to CJ that even something as ridiculous as a person in a grizzly bear costume can be missed if we’re not paying attention. And there is some truth there. There are tests and stunts like this available online where we miss what is right in front of us for the sake of trying to focus on the wrong things.

The coffee pot stunt does pay dividends later in the episode when we see Gene, CJs assistant and the real killer, pouring a drink for Alec and we wonder if that drink is poisoned as well.

Good suspense there.

And if we’re being completely honest, I wish they would have left the bear in the video. If they would have moved him towards the back of the shot it may have been able to fool us.

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