July 13, 2024

Found: The last five minute of premiere is where show should grow from

Found premiered on NBC this week, and it tackles the missing persons genre from a few different angles. However, the best perspective is approached from the last five minutes of the story and its the drama from those final moments that we need to push towards.

In the pilot we meet Gabi Mosely (Shanola Hampton) who is the boss of a crisis management firm that finds missing persons. Gabi herself was taken when she was younger, and now dedicates her life to missing persons cases where the subject isn’t as aggressively searched for as other high profile cases.

It’s okay. The cast can act (good to see Brett Dalton from Agents of SHIELD again), the pacing of the story doesn’t allow us to get bored, and while this ultra cool team of inspired followers behind Gabi does get old fast, the point I’m about to approach fixes that problem with a quickness.

In the last five minutes we discover that Gabi is keeping her kidnapper named Sir (Mark Paul Gosselaar) chained up in her basement. He helps her with her cases. They teased this in the previews but the pilot gives us the flashbacks and the energy is a lot more tense after we watch those.

Before that we also see various members of their teams dealing with issues. Zeke, the agoraphobic tech expert is having an anxiety attack, Lacey, has about a dozen locks on her doors. And Margaret, who lost her son years earlier is still looking for him at a bus station in a scene that hits hard despite just meeting the character.

That’s where the room for growth should take place. There is plenty of time to look cool but we need that hero’s journey. That’s what will make the viewers care.

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