Quantum Leap: What the “Alias” time jump could mean for the story

In the early 2000s, “Alias” the super spy action drama that made Jennifer Garner a star, aired it’s second season finale with a cliff hanger that involved hero, Sydney Bristow, in an epic fight that left her unconscious and waking up almost two years later to a different world.

Now, the time jump has become a fairly common plot device. We’ve seen it used in plenty of great TV shows. But Quantum Leap’s time jump is special because just like Alias, it gives the protagonist a blind spot (no pun intended) on the last three years.

And it could change the direction of the Quantum Leap story. Here is how.

Addison moving on makes Ben more interesting: Teasers for the second episode tell us that the love of Ben’s life has moved on (just like Sydney’s). This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While Addison is my favorite character (go Army), opening up something new could make Ben interesting too. Look at what happened to Sydney.

Different teammates helping on jumps: The general consensus is that we like different members of the team helping Ben on jumps. Let’s get more Ian, Magic, and Jen in on the action.

More opportunities for chaos: You know that just because the program shut down doesn’t mean that anyone is out there leaping. Look at Martinez from last season. Let’s use this time jump for some action. Maybe some new tech or changes on jumps.

It leaves the door open for Sam: While no plans have been announced for Scott Bakula to come back to Sam Beckett. It’s the holy grail for Quantum Leap viewers. These kinds of events provide wiggle room to reintroduce him if he decides to reprise the role.

What did you think of the time jump? Let me know in the comments.

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