Gen V: Trying to figure out how the blackout happened

The ending of episode four of Gen V threw us all in a loop. Like, we’re not even sure what to believe anymore and we’ve got to wait a whole week to get this all sorted out.

Quick recap. We follow Sam to the home of Doctor Cardosa from the woods, and he’s getting ready to do some pretty bad things. Before he can, Marie, Andre, and Emma arrive to subdue Sam before he kills everyone.

We observe Emma getting big (take that Scott Lang) and growing strong enough to stop Sam. The group tries to calm him down. We get a shot of Marie and then.

She wakes up in a bed next to Jordan. Roll credits. No explanation.

What happened?


Well, someone is mentally manipulating our heroes. Here are three guesses on who could be responsible.

It could be Rufus: You know? The piece of crap that tried to put Marie under and rape her. We know he can mentally manipulate people. But he’s probably incapacitated after having his thing justifiably blown up. More on that HERE.

It could be Cate: A lot of us don’t trust these mind controllers. And her movement just seems a little weird. There are also still no explanations why Golden Boy suddenly went nuts. That’s too many question marks.

It could be a Vought fail-safe: Don’t underestimate Dean Shetty. She could have some kind of control panel at her disposal that allows her to control all of these students. Maybe she saw all of these kids at a woods doctor’s home and shut everyone down.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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