June 23, 2024

Found: It’s possible that Margaret already knows about Sir

My favorite character in “Found” after the first two episodes is “Margaret” (Kelli Williams). She’s got an interesting backstory and the writing has made her easy to root for early on.

Margaret is something like Sherlock Holmes. She has incredible powers of observation and deduction. She reads rooms and people better than anyone else on her team, and has played an important role in solving the group’s first two cases.

What she can do is almost a superpower.

This is why I believe that she already knows about the show’s big and dark secret.

That “Found” protagonist and her boss, Gabi Mosely, is secretly keeping the man who kidnapped her and Lacy 20 years ago chained up in her basement.

But the show has to make a decision on what to do when (and if) the secret gets out (hopefully, they wait until the season finale at the earliest, its the best part of the show).

And that will include the team and Margaret, who should have put this all together and decided to keep quiet for the sake of keeping her boss out of jail.

The easiest path would be for them to just say that Margaret has never been to Gabi’s house. But let’s hope they can get a little more creative than that.

This is all good by the way. I don’t write posts like these for shows I don’t care about.

And as for the Margaret character, here is hoping they give her missing son story some air time down the road if “Found” sticks around for a bit.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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