Quantum Leap: Why Ben should just give up and quit leaping

“Why even bother going on at this point?”

That’s the question I was asking after watching this week’s episode of Quantum Leap, where we learned that Addison had moved on when Ben went missing for three years.

I took one look at Raymond Lee’s brokenhearted face and honestly questioned why he even did all this to begin with.


Honestly. Ben should just find a time and body that he likes and tank the leap and stay there. There is no reason to keep up this nonsense.

His mother is dead.

The love of his life is banging another dude and didn’t even want to see him. I don’t blame Addison, it was three years, but the paper is crumpled up. She will end up hurting someone.

And his life is likely moved on anyways. There is no reason to go back.

It’s pretty terrible at this point.

Where is the rebound? How are you going to make us feel better after this?

The truth is that you’re probably not going to.

Maybe this is why Sam never went home. He understood that while saving the lives of others is noble, it completely ruins the existence that you have waiting back at home.


The show may have genuinely been surprised by renewal. And now we’re kind of just taking it a little at a time.

It kind of reminds me of Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt at the end of Castaway. He was gone for five years. He gets back and she’s moved on. The film concludes completely open ended with the open road ahead of him.

Ben has an open road now.

He should find a place, preferably in the late 90s, you know TRL era, email, online shopping etc.. and start a new life there. Maybe he can leap into a boy band or something.

Because his old life is completely pointless now.

Why do you think Ben should give up on his old life? Let me know in the comments below.

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