The Golden Bachelor: It sure feels like Joan would be a great “Golden Bachelorette”

Just a few weeks into its run and “The Golden Bachelor” is a hit for ABC. It’s brought the Bachelornation brand into mediums where it wouldn’t even be discussed if it were just another regular season. And the fans love it. It gives them some positivity to shoot them into their weekend activities.

There will probably be a second season of the Golden Bachelor. And a third.

But we’ve also got to have the Golden Bachelorette.

And goodness, Joan seems like a perfect fit.


Sadly, she had to go home when an adult child needed her help recovering from illness. She did what any parent would do and it was never a question. Those who are parents understand better than anyone that you’re a father or mother until the very end.

ABC and Bachelor producers need to take a look at bringing back Joan after everything at home gets better.

She’s gorgeous. She’s well spoken, and seems intelligent and kind. I’m sure she was a popular pick to get a proposal from Gerry until she had to go home. She won over the crowd by going on stage during the talent show and overcoming her fears of not being as talented as the rest of the field. It was great.

And more than anything, Bachelornation loves a comeback story. They could bring her back at the “After the Final Rose” and the crowd would love it.


This is because she was never “eliminated” and she’s still going to be looking for love. And given how Golden Bachelor producers have used Gerry’s daughters to tell his story, there would be a chance to do that with Joan’s family as well.

As long as that’s what she wants.

So, there you go. Your first Golden Bachelorette. Joan.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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