July 23, 2024

Bachelor in Paradise: Why it’s tough to feel bad for Will

Back in the Army every unit had a guy like Will from Bachelor in Paradise. He was the young, handsome cat that would go out, meet someone, and fall in love every weekend. A couple of days later, you would see him dragging around looking defeated because whoever he was crushing on would break it off with him.

You try to be a good friend, because we all sooner or later will get our hearts broken. I’ve had it happen to me, there is a good chance it’s happened to you. But we learn and we move on.

That’s the difference between us and Will, and why I can’t feel sorry for him. He’s not learning.

When will arrived in paradise, he made a straight shot towards Olivia. He flirted and eventually kissed her. Things were looking bright for him. It was love in paradise.

Love in paradise for about 20 minutes. Then Kylee arrived.

Will left Olivia without missing a beat, cementing her villain origin story (and why we should be understanding of her standing as an agent of chaos by the way), and headed to Kylee. That would last for only a shade longer until Aven arrived in Paradise and Kylee ditched Will for him.

Then showrunners had us watch Will mope around the beach after he tried to romantically level up and failed.

They wanted us to feel bad that this dude was stuck on a beach with model-gorgeous people and couldn’t get the one he wanted.

Anywho, Mercedes needed a rose and let this dude cry in her arms to get it.

And then will got played again when Mercedes left him. This time he ain’t got no roses to give.

So nah dawg. I can’t feel sorry for Will anymore. I’m actually more concerned over Sam beating her poop clock than I am with Will’s feelings.

Because he had three chances to get it right.

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