June 23, 2024

Special Forces World’s Toughest Test: Staff targeted and destroyed Kelly Rizzo

Episode 4 of Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test, dropped this week and for the second time in less than three weeks, staff unfairly targeted a candidate and walked them through their destruction.

And I’m talking about TV personality Kelly Rizzo.

At the beginning of the show, staff identified Rizzo and Jack Osbourne as the two candidates that were experiencing the most physical pain during the selection process.

What did they do?

They took the 44 year old, who was reflecting on her late husband, Bob Saget,and berated her during a boat carrying challenge, where she was on a team with only two other males, while her opponents had three males, and 20 year old JoJo Siwa, who’s probably in better shape than you and me, and beat up a gold medalist later in the show.

And in her lowest moment, they had her quit. She was a crying puddle when she turned in her arm band.

Now, I haven’t lost perspective of what this is. I’m not preaching Special Forces participation trophies.

What I am encouraging is equal footing for challenges.

We saw this same nonsense two weeks ago, when former NFL star Dez Bryant, declared his fear of heights, successfully rappelled down a dam, volunteered to go again, and was literally left hanging by staff on the dam during that second run (story HERE) before being sent off by staff.

What we need is staff to be a little more creative on how they’re dishing out the punishment. Hell, I forgot Nick Viall was even on the show before we saw Tom Sandoval hitting him in the face a short time later.

What do you think about the Kelly Rizzo exit? Let me know in the comments.

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